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I would like to Welcome you to Five Star Massage by Rochelle.  I primarily offer the following massage techniques: Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Swedish, Pregnancy, Sports and Triggerpoint Therapy.

Massage Therapy is the key to a lifetime of good health!  Massage is an excellent way to help releive the following problems: Stress, Tight and Painful Muscles, Post-Exercise Soreness, Pain or Tingling in your Legs or Arms, Injuries, Secondary Pain, Injury Prevention, Pain or Restriction in Joints, Fluid Retention, Postural Pain and Problems, and the Ill Effects of Restricted Activity.

Accidents, repetitive actions and everyday stresses can contribute and cause problems that create problems within our bodies.  When tension, pain or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want, massage can help you!  A gentle, effective therapy, massage can releive pain and help heal certain conditions and help prevent their return.

STRESS...Massage is one of the best known antidotes for stress.

PAINFUL and TIGHT MUSCLES...Massage can stretch and knead away muscle tension.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me at (605)880-4773 or with Any Questions You May Have About Massage Therapy.

Rochelle Hunter, LMT PN

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