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I've seen Rochelle for a massage several times now. I suffer from chronic pain from a past neck injury, she was amazing! My neck and shoulders are always so tight and miserable, but after my 1 hr massages I feel so relaxed. She knew exactly what problem areas to focus on to relax me and relieve my pain!

Stacey Wellnitz


Rochelle always give's me an excellent massage experience. I sincerely feel she is one of the best massage therapists in the area. Her medical background and training go well beyond what I would expect from a massage therapist. She knows and understands how to get to the root of the problem and can work it out. After a serious car accident, I am confident that my neck is finally returning to pre-accident use. Thanks.

Belinda Crouse


I started going to Rochelle for massage in July 2013 for a stiff back and shoulders and tingling in the hands. After the first session I could tell I had more range of motion when reaching and bending. I continued on a bi-weekly basis and am now going about once a month. The tingling in the hands has lessened and I feel overall much better. Rochelle is not a high-pressure "you must return" sort of person. She is very welcoming and understanding and has a broad knowledge of the healing arts. Obviously, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for therautic massge as well as for relaxation.

Jackie Abel


If your muscles are sore, headaches, and feeling stressed, do yourself a favor make an appointment. Your blood pressure will drop, your muscles will relax and no headache. You will feel GREAT!! She finds all the tight and sore muscles.
Marie Garman


Rochelle is beyond wonderful and is extremely knowledgable! She is very in tune and professional. I was relaxed from start to finish and felt so refreshed afterwards. I will forever be a client of hers!

Jessica Borns


I love love love Rochelle in general! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a wonderful massage!!!

Jessica Ann


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